The most delicious vegan biscuits

Locally baked pastries that you can enjoy fresh


It’s all in the name

"Basta Sia Buono" is an old Tuscan adage that means “Good food is all that matters.” We pick the most-loved recipes from our Italian family heritage tradition and make them vegan while preserving the biscuits’ original taste and texture.

Ethics in the bakery

Sustainable vegan produce

We craft biscuits locally with traceable ingredients, so you get sustainable, fresh food. Our products are perfect for lactose-intolerant individuals, and we make sure they’re 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Responsibly chosen ingredients

We avoid hydrogenated and trans fats, bleached flour, and environment-impacting ingredients like palm oil.

We stay away from chemicals that artificially increase shelf life, and we use eco-friendly packaging.

Food science for good

We experiment with innovative, natural ways to make our products, such as baking at lower temperatures.

That means less sugar and less unhealthy substances forming while the dough browns.

But the most important thing is...

Our biscuits are delicious—which brings our story full circle!